Google Tip: How to search inside a website

Google search inside a website

Are you browsing a website with a lot of information but it is not easy to find what you are looking for? Did you know that you can use Google to search for only inside that particular website? We will tell you how.

Although many websites have their own internal search engines, usually they are not so flexible nor so handy as Google is. After all, the Google search engine is the core of a business from a company that invests billions of dollars.

Take for example that you are browsing the website of El Prado Museum, in If you use their searchbox and you type in, for instance, “velazquez”, you will see how it is not very handy to navigate through the list of results.

Google search inside site El Prado Museum

We can use Google instead:


Note that you only have to type in the words that you want to search for, as you usally do, “velazquez” in this case. Then you only have to add "site:" followed by the web address where you want to restrict the search to. Thus, writing “” all the results that will appear will come only from El Prado Museum website.

Google search site

This also works if you want to search for images only. Just click on “Images” in Google. This way, you will have images of Velázquez from El Prado Museum official website only.

Google search site images

Or if you want to search for videos, click on “videos”.

Google search site videos

But you can also find yourself in situations where you want the opposite: to exclude a website from the results. That is very easy, simply use "-site:". Note that we type a minus sign just in front of it.

For example, suppose that we are searching for videos in Google, and you have already seen more or less all the related Youtube videos that you are interested in, and now you want to see something new that other websites different from Youtube may offer. You can achieve this in this way:


Do you see? Now only results that are not from Youtube appear.

Google search videos exclude site

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