Google tip: dollars or euros, inches or centimeters?

Google unit converter

Are you searching on the internet and you have ended up at an online shop that have prices in dollars only? Or are you viewing a web page where all the product characteristics are only shown in imperial units?

Converting between currencies or measurement units is very easy, you can use Google. Instead of typing in words to be searched for, just write for example:

125 dollars to euros

Or if you do not want to type so much:

125 $ to €

Google unit converter

And it also works the other way round:

125 euros to dollars

You may need to convert from pounds to euros too:

125 pounds to euros

And what about length and weight? It is just as easy, here are some samples:

32 inches to cm

1.5 m to inches

10 kg to lbs

30 lbs to kg

Do you have any doubts or suggestions about how to use the Google converter? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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